Everyday Business Correspondence A


The course will help students learn to:
Plan the structure of various emails
Use common expressions for the various parts of a business email
Write an email using appropriate tone
Write and reply to enquiries and request correspondence
Write and reply to complaint correspondence
Write emails to share bad news regarding different business situations


This course teaches students how to organize and write emails and letters for use in business. It includes common language used in different parts of selected types of business correspondence, as well as assignments and tasks to help students practice their writing skills, with teacher feedback offered on specified writing assignments.

This course is suitable for people who need to write business correspondence in their job, or who want to further develop their business communication skills for career development.


  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1: Overview of Business Correspondence - Structure and Format, Tone, Common Language
  • Unit 2: Inquiries and Requests
  • Unit 3: Replies to Inquiries and Requests
  • Unit 4: Complaint Emails
  • Unit 5: Replies to Complaints
  • Unit 6: Bad News Emails
152 學習活動
2022-12-09 ~ 2023-02-26
18 小時
Business Writing