Business Presentations: Opening with Confidence


The main objective of this spotlight course is to show a variety of techniques for creating and delivering engaging, effective, and audience-centred openings for presentations. Participants will also consider how non-verbal skills can help them to establish credibility, thereby improving the strength of their presentation openings.


We always want our business presentations to get off to a great start, but many of us find that our openings are not as strong as we would like them to be. 

Sometimes, presenters spend lots of time planning what they want to say, but when they step in front of their audience, something is missing.

Sometimes, when a presenter begins to speak, they  worry that a lack of confidence is going to let them down, 

Sometimes, the audience stops paying attention after just a few moments, and there's a risk that the presenter's important message will go unheard. 

If you recognize yourself in any of these situations, this spotlight course can help. We'll show you how you can look, sound, and be more confident in creating and delivering engaging, effective, and audience-centred presentation openings. 



Business Presentations: Opening with Confidence is a self-paced course, with a total estimated time for completion of two to three hours. The course also contains optional reflection questions and tasks which may increase the overall completion time for participants who choose to use them. 

  • Opening with Confidence: Introduction to the Spotlight Course
  • Opening with Confidence: The Importance of Credibility
  • Opening with Confidence: Language and Techniques
  • Opening with Confidence: Final Points
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2021-10-22 ~ 2023-12-31
2 小時