Successful Email Negotiation


After completing this course, you will be able to:
- write clear, effective and polite emails for all parts of a written negotiation
- clearly explain your position to your counterparty
- make, accept, and reject proposals
- use conditional sentences to say what is and is not possible
- use the correct tone
- use natural and businesslike expressions throughout the negotiation process


This course teaches participants how to successfully move through each step of a business negotiation. It includes common language used in written negotiation, a section on negotiation etiquette, practice tasks to help students use the language they are learning, and a realistic scenario that puts the language into use.

This course is suitable for people who need to negotiate as part of their job, or who regularly deal with customer requests and problems. It is also suitable for people who want to further develop their business communication skills for career development.

  • Course Overview
  • Negotiation Writing Etiquette
  • Negotiation Email - Structure and Language
  • Details: Language by Function
  • Conditional Sentences
  • Scenario
  • Course and Language Summary
80 學習活動
2021-10-22 ~ 2023-12-31
2 小時
Business Writing