Communicating Numbers Fluently


This Spotlight course aims to help students develop more fluency with numbers in English in both written and spoken forms. This could be applied to report writing or presentations, depending on the needs of the student. Effective use of numbers will make communication more natural with native speakers and simplify the delivery of information for non-native speakers.


In this Spotlight course, we will focus on several aspects of dealing with numbers in English including the following:

  • How English numbers are structured
  • Using the language of approximation
  • The proper use of prepositions with numbers
  • How to deal with fractions, decimals, ordinals, and percentages
  • How to use units of measure


This course will include discussion activities, listening and speaking exercises, reinforcement activities, and quizzes that will test how well you have understood the material. 

  • Course Introduction
  • How Numbers are Structured in English
  • The Language of Approximation
  • Proper Use of Prepositions
  • Fractions, Decimals, Ordinals, and Percentages
  • Numbers and Units of Measure
  • Course Summary
65 學習活動
2023-05-08 ~ 2024-12-31
2 小時
Business Communication