Advanced Presentation Skills


Active participants on this advanced skills course will:
- Learn the importance of identifying the main idea
- Learn how to incorporate the main idea into their presentation objectives
- Learn how story and narrative structures can improve business presentations
- Understand the importance of audience awareness
- Apply audience-centred design principles to create effective visual aids and / or augment their organization’s own ‘slide deck’
- Utilize key principles of effective presentation structure, including confident openings, techniques for maximizing audience engagement during the presentation, and strong closings that influence and persuade


Gain a competitive edge by mastering advanced English-language presentation techniques.

If you're a Taiwanese professional in sales, marketing, or other customer-facing roles dealing with international clients and partners, this is for you. 

The Advanced Presentations distance learning program is designed for experienced business professionals with a few years of work experience, particularly at junior managerial level or above. 

Previous completion of our DLP Business Presentations course is a plus.


  • Course Introduction
  • Course Orientation
  • Unit 1: The Main Idea
  • Unit 1, Section 2: Audience Awareness
  • Unit 2: Storytelling for Business Presenters
  • Unit 3: Techniques for Confident Openings
  • Unit 4 Section 1: Storytelling with Data
  • Unit 4 Section 2: Features and Benefits and Beyond
  • Unit 5: Persuasive Techniques
  • Unit 6: The Close
141 學習活動
2023-11-24 ~ 2024-02-11
18 小時