Service With a Smile A


Service With a Smile teaches students how to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues in business, retail or hospitality. Students will learn common language and expressions that can be used when interacting in a variety of common situations. The course will include Video and Audio clips as well as various exercises designed to help students understand when the language should be used, and how it should sound.


Service With a Smile is suitable for people who will interact with customers regularly in English, and who would like to improve their fluency and confidence. 

By the end of the course, students should be able to use appropriate language to:

  • Greet customers or guests with confidence and make appropriate small talk
  • Give and receive compliments 
  • Deal with requests 
  • Make recommendations 
  • Give clear instructions and explanations
  • Handle complaints
  • Give descriptions 
  • Take reservations and bookings
  • Handle payment and checkout procedures
  • Sincerely thank customers and leave them with a positive impression


During the course, students will be able to listen to and repeat common customer service-related expressions in order to practice and improve:

  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency
  • Intonation

  • Course Overview
  • Course Orientation
  • Unit 1 - Greeting Guests
  • Unit 2 - Offering Assistance
  • Unit 3 - Handling Complaints
  • Mid-Course Assessment
  • Unit 4 - Descriptions
  • Unit 5 - Arrangements over the Phone
  • Unit 6 - Processing Payment
  • Final Assessment
151 學習活動
2024-06-13 ~ 2024-12-15
18 小時