Telephoning Basics


In this course, we hope to address some of the basic aspects of telephoning. By identifying areas of weakness in terms of telephoning basics, students can work towards correcting their own unique weaknesses in more specific ways.


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Welcome to our course Telephoning Basics! 

You are joining other learners who are looking to improve their level of communication via the telephone, especially in a business setting. We are happy to welcome you to the class and look forward to helping you make improvements in your telephoning skills.

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Effective telephoning skills are essential for business



In this course, we will be covering the following topics:

     - Telephoning Basic Skills

     - How to Take Messages

     - How to Connect a Caller

     - How to Handle Conference Calls

Each of these units will have several subsections covering key points about the main topic and will include exercises and quizzes designed to test your comprehension of the content. 

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the course!


  • Telephoning Basics Course Introduction
  • Unit 1: Telephoning Basics
  • Unit 2: Taking Messages
  • Unit 3: Connect a caller
  • Unit 4: Conference Calls
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