eMaster線上商務英語大師:求職英語3堂全報 Job Search Spotlight Courses

Business Skill
課程時間:2022-04-25 ~ 2023-12-31




  • 3 課程
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  • 總時數:6 小時
Job Search: A Personal Profile for Your Résumé

This course is presented by an A.I. presenter: 


In this Spotlight course we'll look at:

  • the importance of having a personal profile in your résumé
  • what your résumé personal profile should contain
  • how to structure your résumé personal profile
  • how to use the right sentence structure and vocabulary
  • how to use the third person
  • how to target your personal profile for a particular job

...Warren Pottrill

Job Search: Group Discussion Interviews

This course is presented by an A.I. presenter:


In this spotlight course we'll look at:

  • what group interviews are and what to expect from them
  • why employers like to use them
  • how to plan a brief self-introduction
  • tips for success in a group discussion interview
  • the keys to good communication


By the end of the course you should feel more confident in your next group discussion interview.

...Warren Pottrill

Job Search: Interview Success With the STAR Method

This course is presented by an A.I. presenter: 


This course will teach students:

  • to recognize a behavioral question
  • to understand the difference between a situational question and a behavioral question
  • to predict what interview questions they may be asked
  • to use the STAR method to give a structured, coherent response
  • to add a reflection to their STAR answer to emphasize their message

...Warren Pottrill